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Hotel & Residences

The place like no other in Vietnam

The Hanoi Club is pleased to offer our charming boutique accommodation for short-term stay and splendid serviced residences overlooking the enchanting beautiful West Lake. Both guests and residents are most welcome to enjoy the full range of facilities and activities available exclusively for club members.

Nowhere else in Hanoi can you find an integrated resort that offers and caters to all young and old alike; there is always something for everyone! Have an enjoyable and happy time with us here enjoying a sense of peace and tranquility in the heart of Hanoi.

Hotel Accommodation

Décor exquisitely

The Club offers a boutique hotel furnished with modern and contemporary décor exquisitely designed for the discerning guests or travelers in mind.

All 88 rooms are purposely-built and personally designated to provide total guest satisfaction and comfort, thus having a pleasant and enjoyable stay that sums up a memorable and unforgettable experience! Our hotel guests have privileged access to using all the facilities and services in the club.

Lake Palais Residences

Luxury living space

All 52 serviced residences have a perfect unhindered magnificent view of the charming West Lake! The other attribute of them all is the luxury living space from 1 to 3-bedroom residences fully equipped with complete kitchen. Partial or fully furnished condition is optional.

Our residents have exclusive access to all the facilities and services in the club. This is resort living that offers a peaceful lifestyle and we are truly unique, special and different from the others.